There are things which are always best kept to yourself. Telling about them, even on Facenbook — however much you want to — can’t bring you anything good.

Here is a list of 7 of the most crucial things we should always, I mean always, keep secret.

  1. Don’t reveal your most ambitious plans. Stay quiet about them until and if you actually managed them. Even the best laid out plan has weak spots and not very well thoughout parts which haven’t noticed, and someone picking them apart will only lead you secong guess yourself and a quick path to failure or worse, not even try.
  2. Don’t tell the world about your good deeds. The greatest virtue is doing something good without hope of recognition. Want to be arrogant? Boast.
  3. Never reveal the secrets of your lifestyle. No good can come from telling others about your diet, your quirks, you sexual desires and preferences. Your spiritual beliefs, your emotional state and so on. Best to keep it closed up.
  4. Another thing it to always keep close to yourself are the moments when you’ve shown courage or heroism. Every day we face challenves — both from within, in our minds and outside. Karma will deal with it, to decide where or not you are worthy of the recognition. Therein lies the lesson.
  5. Conflicts or problems in your family life is no one else’s business. The problems should be resovlved with the privacy of your own home, the family. The more you complain to others about them the harder they will be to overcome.
  6. Don’t gossip. Talk about the thing you’ve heard people say or do. Don’t soil your mind.  Just as it’s possible to get your clothes dirty, you can also soil your mind. And the person who recounts all the foolish and awful things he hears and sees going on in the world as soon as he gets home is no different from the one who forgets to take of his shoes when he walks through the door.
  7. Other people’s secrets are probably the most important thing you should keep to yourself. Breaking the trust is a a betrayal of confidence and the end of the friendship.