The live performance Saturday night at the El Cuartel

The live performance Saturday night (March 5) at the El Cuartel

I am not one to go to concerts, small or big. Besides when Santana came to Costa Rica, more than a decade ago, back in April 2005 and Sade in Toronto, two decades before that, a sometimes visit to the Jazz Cafe in San Pedro has been pretty much all.

So, here I was Saturday night, getting together with a couple of friends, meeting up at the El Cuartel de la Boca del Monte, in Barrio California. A small bar/restaurant in the front, with a stage/bar in the back, a few blocks from heart of San Jose.

Gaby taking centre stage

Gaby taking centre stage. Taken with my iPhone 5s with no flash.

The stage was set up, waiting only for the band.  I really didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t even who would be playing, other than a leaflet on the table with the title, “Acólitos del Morbo, Algo parecido al Arte” (Bitchy Acolytes, something similar to Art). Ok. It was too dark and too much to read. I spend most of my day reading, searching for stories and articles, on my screen, this was on paper. Who reads paper anymore?

From the band's Facebook page.

From the band’s Facebook page.

But to my surprise, this band, describing themselves as a “noble industry dedicated to the sublime art of decadence”, where pretty good. I know that because I didn’t get bored. I didn’t to leave, even though the music was louder (especially near the end) than I like. And way past my bedtime of 9pm (I usually wake about 1am).

No, they were entertaining. Their music. And their stories. Well, one story that carried through the entire concert.

As I looked around the room, half full, the majority were women, groups of twos, threes and fours. Interesting. “People prefer commercial (music)” was the explanation of my friend (female) to the low attendance.

If you are looking for good entertainement (and cheap, door cover only ¢3,000 colones and the bill, four people, with a couple of drinks each – and my bottle of water – only ¢13,000) visit the El Cuartel.

For more on the Acólitos del Morbo, visit their website and Facebook page and see their music YouTube.