Make your own Netflix socks. Get the instructions here, watch the video below.

It’s difficult to remember life before Netflix. Unlimited titles, unlimited watching literally at our fingertips. But don’t waking up after nodding off during the an episode, only to wake up during an exceptionally spoilery scene?

The solution is here: “Netflix socks”.

The high-tech socks use a built-in accelerometer to detect when you’ve stopped moving for a while, like when you’ve started to snooze. The prototype socks also include a red light that flashes when the censor thinks you’re asleep, and if you don’t respond by moving, the socks will send a signal to your TV pausing your show.

Obviously, they’re probably not the most accurate tool to rely on and seem a bit like overkill, but you have to admit they’re pretty damn cool.

Unfortunately, Netflix isn’t selling the socks (even though they’d probably make a killing), but the’ve created an entire page devoted to showing you how to make your own if you’re looking for a fun project during your holiday time away from work. But what if you fall asleep making the socks?