That small pocket in the front of your jeans, ever wondered why it’s there?  I always thought it was for something else, until I read to the end of the article.


If there’s a person in this world who really knows how to make a pair of rugged jeans look sexy, it has to be Kendall Jenner.

Just look at this!

From chic high-waisted denim pants …


… to baby blue lowriders, miss Jenner is giving us major fashion goals.

However, we can bet you that Kendall — nor the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan — knows this little piece of trivia about their jeans.

You know that small pocket on your jeans? Yes, the one sewn above the right front pocket.

Have you at least once stopped and thought to yourself about why it’s there? Like, what exactly is the purpose of it except for maybe keeping a coin or a piece of old chewing gum inside?

If not, don’t worry, because some people did it for you.

Back in 2012, someone posted a question to Quora wondering what the deal was with the mysterious pouch, and if it was ever useful for something or is merely a fashion thing. The thread resurfaced a few days ago by people at Perth Now, and has once again caused a stir among trivia and fashion aficionados.

Apparently, this teeny-tiny fifth pocket served a very specific purpose back in the day.

Quora user Nitin Sachdev was the first one to offer the answer:

“It’s a watch pocket. Back in the 1800s, cowboys used to wear their watches on chains and kept them in their waistcoats. To keep them from getting broken, Levi’s introduced this small pocket where they could keep their watch,” he wrote.

As Levi Strauss’ blog later confirmed, it was indeed “included as protection for pocket watches,” but has also served other functions, such as storing condoms, coins, matches, tickets, etc.