google-worthSometimes I have nothing better to do while sitting at my computer – well actually, more to distract myself from work – I start to surf, browse, look things up that mean nothing.

As I am wading through a myriad of websites, meaningless information, some real, some made up, some wtf?, the mind wanders: how much is my website worth? and how much is Google worth?

Ironic is that I use Google to search for a website that will give me the answer.

I come across (one of the first results on Google search). I plug in the info, my website name and in less than a minute I know if my work is worth millions, billions or just pennies. The latter is my result.

According to, is worth US$243 dollars . Daily me and 0 others visit the site. (The fact you are reading this doubled my daily visits. Thank you.)

In comparison, is worth US$7,295,089,906 dollars and has almost 70 million unique visitors daily.

Surprising, Facebook, ranked 2nd to Google, is only worth US$3,208,618,132 dollars and has only half of Google’s daily visitors, 34,787,609.

Looking at the social reach of these two, the numbers say that Facebook has 25 million or so “Likes” and only 33,000 Google Pluses. Over at Google, the numbers show only 14 million “Likes”, but 8 million Pluses. Is there some bias there?

What was this post all about? Nothing, as I said in the opening, just distracting myself from work.