italian-hand-gestureLearning to speak Italian is not as much of a time commitment (and not as hard) as you might think. I am no talking about learning the to speak the language, but to speak Italian – you know, the obscene hand gestures that Italians are famous for.

Following are the “essentials”.  In my opinion, if you master these obscene hand gestures, you’ve pretty well got down to speaking Italian in a few minutes.

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Now that you know the essentials, you are ready to learn master the language. The following video by Carlo Aurucci is one of the best. In 10 minutes you will be speaking perfect Italian without having to learn pronunciation, verbs, or past participle to verbs,  past, present and future tense … possessive pronouns, etc, etc.

Now, if that is not enough, I suggest you Google the grand master, Silvio Berlusconi. He can speak volumes with just a gesture.


Now that you’ve mastered Italian, the folks at the Matadornetwork give an infographic of many other languages from around the world  so that you don’t embarrass yourself.