A Chinese hospital in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province, has introduced a new machine that makes sperm donation even easier- an automatic sperm extractor.

sperm-extractorI’m all for hands-free technology, but have scientists gone a little too far with this invention?

I can just see the lines at public hospitals, San Juan de Dios, Calderón and Mexico in San José, for example, of men waiting to make their donations.

Public hospitals can even force donations like they do with blood, patients waiting for surgery are asked to have their friends and relatives donated blood.

The machines could also be useful at private hospitals like the CIMA, Biblica and Catolica, for example (also in San José).

What I do see though is a decline and even closure of many of the more 100 massage parlours or spas – “whorehouses” –  in San José alone.

Why pay for something when you can get it for free? OK, not as personal, but did I mention it would be FREE? Where’s the line?

Back to the Chinese machine. The effortless machine features a massage pipe that can be adjusted to suit the height of the user. All the man has to do is plug in the frequency, amplitude and temperature and off they go. It’s also fitted with a small screen for those feeling uninspired.

According to the director of the urology department of the hospital, the machine is designed to help individuals that are finding it difficult to retrieve sperm the old fashioned way. We’re not entirely convinced that standing in a room shared by many other people and being milked like a cow is going to help, but their efforts are commendable. Here’s to technology.

Check out a video of the machine here: