If you have ever been subjected to eye rolls or sighs for blotting the excess oil on your pizza, prepare for your moment of triumph. It seems you were right all along.

As the Huffington Post reports, an extended effort to calculate the calories saved by blotting your pizza with a napkin has found that it really can make a substantial difference in how many calories are consumed over time.

According to an infographic from Labdoor Magazine, dabbing the oil off of a slice of Dominos pepperoni pizza will save you 4.5 grams of fat and 40.5 calories from fat. If you eat the same amount of pizza as the average American— approximately 23 pounds per year— then dabbing the oil off of every slice will save you 6611.2 calories every year. That’s the equivalent of eating 20.4 fewer slices of pizza, and would (theoretically) keep you from gaining 1.9 pounds.

Or to put it more directly: blotting oil from your slice of pizza every time keeps two pounds of pizza-related fat off your waistline every year.