Senz° – the original storm umbrella

Use an umbrella in windy weather, and you know how pointless the umbrella becomes. A relatively new umbrella, called Senz stormproof umbrella,  can withstand wind speeds of 100+ km/h.


Alfa: $9 Cardboard Bicycle

Israeli mechanical engineer, Izhar Gafni, developed the Alfa – a recycled cardboard bicycle that is both waterproof and fireproof.

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet

It is often cited that helmets mess up one’s hair and especially, may not fit properly over women’s hairstyles. Some people choose hairstyle over helmet and risk their safety. Some choose helmet and keep whining about their ruined hairstyle.



A letter sized water bottle that fits in your bag.


Powerup 3.0

Turn your self made paper plane into a flying machine.


Drivemotion LED Car Sign


The Cup Lock


Pizza Scissors


The money shredder alarm clock

money-shredding-alarm-clock-is-completely-unforgiving-pics-Put the $100 bill in the night before and place it in the hallway. If you don’t turn it off, the money turns into cute little bits of packing paper. This is an ultimate solution for those, who don’t wake up with the alarm. Just copied from Gary Meegan’s answer to How can I make myself get out of bed more quickly?

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