Looking down, inside my DIY mosquito out

Looking down, inside my DIY mosquito out

(TICO BULL) Although for me there are a lot of positives about green season in Costa Rica there are a few negatives that the rains bring with them, one of them being mosquitoes.

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Although in the back of my mind there is the concern about some of the viruses (Dengue and Chikungunya), it’s hard to relax or work (mosquitoes love it under my desk) with these relentless creatures.

Thankfully, there is a solution!

When I saw the video I was skeptical. But since I had all the ingredients anyways and even a pop (soda for non Canadians) handy, I decided to give it a try.

It works. The result is two nights (and days) mosquito free and relatively inexpensive, since, save for the pop bottle, I always have water, brown sugar and yeast in the kitchen.

These are actual photos of my mosquito out, as I like to call it.
mosquitoes-out52133 mosquitoes-out52134


If you do decide to try it, post your comments here.