“Lenny” is a collection of computer recordings designed to fool telemarketers into thinking they’re talking to a real person. The software is set up so that Lenny only replies once it recognizes that the telemarketer is finished speaking. Whoever set up the recordings is a genius.

This particular call is a wild ride from start to finish. It takes the telemarketer, Michael, roughly eight minutes to figure out that Lenny is playing some sort of joke but he doesn’t quite realize what. Then you get to witness a car crashing into the telemarketer office building. Enjoy…

This call was a wild ride from start to finish. Around the 8 minute mark is where things start to get good. Michael figures out that Lenny is playing some sort of joke but doesn’t quite realize what. Then shortly after 9 minutes, he figures out – much to his apparent delight – Lenny is a recording. But that’s not the best part. Around the 9:46 mark, *a car runs into the telemarketer’s office building*. You can actually hear the crash on the recording. Michael is unperturbed by this and continues to talk to Lenny, chuckling with glee to himself when Lenny speaks. Around 10:50, a minute and four seconds after the crash, what sounds like a fire truck horn triggers Lenny’s speech detection. In the background, we can hear other telemarketers continuing their calls as if nothing happened. That’s hard core.

8:05 “Well, I guess we gon’ be here a while!”

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