From Italian Pride Facebook page

Learning Italian is simple, very simple. There is one word that can be used for anything, anywhere and with anyone. It says it all. It is “VAF FAN CULO”.

The best of this one word is that it can be used by either gender (man or woman, if you were confused there).

No, “vaffanculo” is not a swear word. It can be if taken by its literal meaning. But of Italians it can have many meanings, none of which have anything to do with swearing, or Italian women wouldn’t use it. You see, Italian women do not swear, ever, “ma vaffanculo”.

“Vaffanculo” can be used in many ways, alone or at the end of any sentence.

Here are some ways to use “Vaffanculo”:

“Have a nice day”

“See you later”

“You’re out of your mind”

“Go tell you mother”

“Ok, I understand”

“Get outta here”

“I bet you slept with her/him last night”

“Give me something to eat”

and, much more.

If you are Italian (or not), use the comment section below to tell us your meanings of this word.