If there’s one question bloggers hear asked more than any other, it’s “How do I get more page views?”

‘How to get traffic to your blog’ is one of the most popular search terms on Google.

We all want more traffic. Or, at least we all think we want more traffic. More traffic means more money, right?

Well… not necessarily.

The thing is, although traffic and page views or sessions or visits seem super important and, to an extent, they are, more traffic is NOT the end-all goal.

Look at these two scenarios.

A: Your block gets 2,000 page views per day, 3 email subscribers, and few or no ad clicks that results in revenue (for blogs) or product sales (if an e-commerce site).

B: 800 page views, 25 email subscribers, and clicks that generate revenue or product sales.

Which of these is more successful, A or B?

Both scenarios are played out on my blogs with run ads with revenue based on clicks. Not just clicks, but quality clicks. Sure, Scenario A gets more traffic, but it doesn’t do much for revenue and audience size. Scenario B, even with fewer

Sure, scenario A gets more traffic, but it doesn’t do much for revenue and audience size. While scenario B, even with fewer page views, a smaller audience, but a qualified audience that results in clicks the ads and a healthy CPC (cost per click). The higher the CPC, the more cost to the advertiser, the more revenue share for me.

I keep an eye on daily stats, seeing which sites are performing better on any given day. Some days, on some sites, based on that day’s content, are better than others, but the overall numbers and monthly total are my goal.

While traffic can be a symptom of a successful blog, it’s not the determining factor of a blog’s success.

Instead of asking, “How do I get more traffic?”, what if we asked, “How do I grow my audience?”

Ask that question, the game completely changes. and we have a real shot at building a sustainable, successful blogging business that will last for years to come.

From the elitebloggeracademy.com, when it comes to focusing on traffic, there is danger in playing the traffic game, because if we spend too much time focusing on traffic, we get stuck in the, spending all of our time chasing page views and relying on those page views to drive revenue.

The “traffic game” is a recipe for disaster. If Google, for example, changes an alogorithm, as they are prone to do, and if we’re 100% reliant on our traffic to drive revenue, what happens if we lose that traffic?

The solution?

Instead of focusing on how to get more people, focus on what do do with those people who you have coming around again and again, your base, the built-in audence we can engage from now until infinity.

Making the shift from“traffic-focused” to “audience-focused” is not easy.  I can attest from personal experience as I make my shift.

In other words, if you really want to take your blog to the next level, you need to stop playing the traffic game.

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