(TICO BULL) In today’s edition of Crhoy.com, columnist Edgar Espinoza gives an update on “The Tico Code” (El Código Tico).

The “Casado” – typical Costa Rican food.

The results are confidential and Espinoza asks his readers to keep the code out of reach of foreigners.

Here’s my best to decoding the code for those who aren’t too good with Spanish. (The original Spanish version is here.)

1- Lets things get done by themselves or someone else do it.

2- Never say what he really thinks.

3- Says yes knowing that it is not.

4- Compulsive buyer, never saves, lives in debt.

5- Friendly until gets behind the wheel (of a car, truck cart).

6- Always leaves the “door partially” open for a quick exit in case something goes wrong. Always ready to blame the other person.

7- Invites you to the house to look good for now, but when the time comes, nowhere to be found.

8- Happy with the law of the least effort.

9. Does not accept the success of others.

10- Is “Pura Vida”.

11- Talks behind everyone’s back, but up front is “pura vida, mae”.

12. When it comes to paying the check, he “Camiseas”, (best translated as, does everything possible so that someone else pays).

13- Always leave everything to the last minute.

14- Infinitely talkative.

15- Doesn’t define or decide anything.

16- Small mentality.

17- A Gentleman uo to the second drink.

18. Speaks with malicious and diminutive courtesy.

19- It is super pricy. Will raise the price of everything. Loves easy money.

20- Feels like the happiest in the world .

Please, whatever you do, don’t share this with anyone.