How can you spread the word about your website, blog, business, product, event, service, project or that book you just finished writing? Build relationships, be helpful and establish trust are key to your success.

These three things take time, but once you’ve committed to them, you have to figure out a couple of things: Who is your target audience (reader or customer) and do you have a website?

On the first, be specific. “Everyone” is not an answer. And “if you build it they will come” doesn’t apply in today’s marketing. It is so important to identify your audience.

On the second, if you don’t have a website, get one. It’s not that complicated anymore. You can have a simple website or blog up and running in days, less if you already have some experience. A website can come with or without a blog, it will depend on your goal.

Once you’ve defined your goal, it’s time to market. Here are some ideas:

1. Social media

This is not just creating a Facebook or Instagram account. Think about your potential audience and where they hang out and what they might be interested in. Be the “go to” choice.

2. Social sharing on your site

You want your website or blog to be read, share your content automatically to social media. For example, this post is automatically sent to my Facebook & Twitter account. Using a plugin, it all works seamlessly.

3. Social media advertising

I am reminded of the story of the man who didn’t believe in advertising. Yet, his breakfast cereal of choice was from advertising, the car he drove was because of advertising, even the mattress he slept on he purchased through advertising. And when his business was going broke, he advertised for a buyer. Like it or not, social media that was once free to play is pay for play. Want to get seen on social media? Advertise there.

4. Start a podcast

Video is in. Every year for the last several years has been dubbed “the year of video”, but in 2017 no one can argue its power. Take a look at your Facebook feed, video are are popping at you at every scrool. Many news stories now include video. A picture, they say, can speak a thousand words. A video can get you a million views.

5. Do live broadcasting

Something I am personally exploring right is live broadcasting. Facebook Live is quickly becoming the livestreaming place to be. But you could also use Periscope or YouTube Live. Live video can establish you as an authority and develop a place for you to share useful content and connect with others.

6. Recorded video (vlogging)

Not everyone can be spontaneous. If you prefer to plan, want to edit or do multiple takes, pre-recorded video is a great option too. If, for example, you post videos on Facebook and YouTube, you’ll have access to a group of people you might not encounter on other parts of the web. Videos are also easy to embed.

7. Do a webinar

This is when you put together a slide presentation and conduct a live training session online.

8. Comment on your content

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to comment on your own content. Get people engaged. Prompt your readers to comment.

9. Create a smartphone app

Mobile is exploding and a lot of people are creating apps for their site or product. You can do it yourself (google will return a lot of tutorials) or hire someone to do it for you.

10. Testimonials

Nothing beats a testimonial, either through email or comments, about you, your blog, ebook, product or service.

11. List posts

The power of the list. Who doesn’t like to see a list of things? Make a list about anything. If you like swimming, make a list of “the 5 swimmers of all time”, “the 5 swimmers to follow”, “10 swimming tips you can’t do without.” You get the idea.

12. Write a “how to” guide

How-to guides involve a lot of work, but people love them and most important, love to share them. If you write a great one, the sharing potential is great. And so is your potential of standing out, becoming a leader in your niche.

13. Forums, groups

Join a forum or Facebook Group. Your goal should be to help out others, not just fill the group with nonsense. Read the (post) terms of the group, ask to be accepted, start threads or ask questions. Get your face seen.

14. Email list

Have people subscribe to your mailing list, offer something irresistible and free to. Your email list gives you the opportunity to market to them over and over again.

15. Guest post

Write content for other blogs. This will get you exposure to a new audience.

16. Interviews

Get interviewed on other podcasts or do interviews on your podcast allows you to widen your reach.

17. Launch something

Be creative. Launching creates a buzz. Could be a new feature on your blog/website, a new service, book or product. Launches are happening all over, all the time. Keep an eye open for an idea, trends for your next launch.

18. Promote others

Make a habit of promoting others, but not simply so that they’ll promote you. Be genuine in your promoting and the promoting of you comes back natural. Powerful. Spread the love.

19. Signature on emails

I see this all of the time, the bottom of the email empty. Or too cluttered. Which is worse? Both. Don’t to include your message and contact information at the bottom of each email you send. Email clients (programs) can you let you set up your email signature. Don’t overdo it, big graphics. Or graphics at all. Keep it simple. Your name, your contact info, your website(s)/Blog(s) link.  Keep it simple, short.

20. Sponsor an event

Depending on your product, service, website, etc. and budget, you can sponsor a live (offline, in real person) or online event. Think of your target audience, put your name where they can see it.

If you want more ideas or more details of the above, consider signing up for my newsletter or visit here often. I will try to include regular tips on website marketing. (See what I did there, how I applied tip no. 14?)