One of life’s true luxuries is being able to wear whatever you want all of the time. Many seem to enjoy knowing that they can dress however they like.

Why do we assume that just because one dresses well they are rich and/or successful? The exact opposite is true.

For many there are expectations placed on them as to how they should dress. If you are a politician, you have to wear a suit to your day job, for instance. If you are on the TV news, people expect to see you in a suit and tie. If you are a lawyer, most jurors and judges would not take you seriously if you showed up to court wearing jeans and a hoodie, etc.

While you may have expectations about what I should wear, I think most people would opt to wear something in which they are comfortable.

I usually have other things to worry other than what to wear. I dress the same all the time and not especially good or bad because I don’t want to think what to wear every morning.